If there is magnetic area or metals around you, blue line / Qibla direction deviates. To supress this deviation, shake your device a few times before usage. If the deviation continues, you can switch to Compass Mode in the app.
You device’s Google services must be updated. If you face problems about the update, you can switch to “Compass Mode” for stable results.
100% Prayer & Qibla uses the latest location your device recognises through Google Services. As an example, If your location is A and you close your location on your device’s settings and go to B, your device also app recognises A as your location. So, be sure your location settings are open and up to date.
If you face problems with updating, close and re-open your location settings. You can re-detect you location with black “Find my location” button on the map mode.
Yes, you can use 100% Prayer & Qibla without internet.
Its related to your device’s compass sensitivity. You need to shut down and re-open your device.
Yes, you can make adjustments on Settings > Edit the Prayer Time section. Choose the prayer time you want to be changed, choose minutes (+ or -) and set your new azan times.
For Apple and Google Play subscriptions, cancellation processes are handled by Apple and Google Play, on subscription settings. For the web payment cancellations, our Support team will be happy to help you! Please reach us through [email protected] and please share your premium account’s email address with us.
For Apple and Google Play subscriptions, refund processes are handled by Apple and Google Play once you cancel your subscription. For website purchases, we need to know your account details. Please send an email to [email protected] Please note that refunds are not made after the free trial period is ended on the giving billing cycle. But you can cancel the recurring subscriptions prior to the next renewal date.

For web purchases: You should login to your account in Muslim Assistant app with the email address you made the purchase with. Please follow App Settings > Join Muslim Assistant or My Profile > Login steps.

For purchases made inside the app through Apple or Google: Please tap “three dots” on the corner of homescreen then tap “Restore”.

For the web purchases, logging in with a premium account will be enough to restore your premium account. You only need your Premium account login information. For the Apple or Gplay purchases, use your account which you have made the purchase with, and the device operating system must be the same; Apple > Apple, Android device > Android device. So switching from Android device to an iPhone or visa versa, won’t be transferring your premium accounts as they are completely different platforms.

Check your email address

The most common answer to being locked out of your subscription is to check that you’re logged in using the right email address. (This is especially true if you're being asked to pay again). Make sure you’re using the email you registered with, and you can always check your email to see if it contains a welcome email from when you first joined. And you can request new password on the login screen.

When you sign up for Muslim Assistant Premium, you can cancel your subscription free of charge during the free trial period. If you don't want to continue with Premium, just make sure you cancel your subscription within this period. If you cancel a free Premium trial, you will not proceed to the Premium package payment step, and even if you cancel, you will remain a Premium member until the scheduled end of the free trial period. For the web purchases, please contact [email protected] for cancellations.
Please reach us through [email protected] email address for payment issues, for feedbacks regarding the app, reach us through [email protected]. Thank you!